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curtain wall glazing in bangalore A curtain wall is defined as thin, usually aluminum-framed wall, containing in-fills of glass, metal panels, or thin stone. The framing is attached to the building structure and does not carry the floor or roof loads of the building. curtain wall glazing service provider in bangalore curtain wall glazing at bangalore
Semi Unitized glazing in bangalore A Semi Unitized glazing system is a type of a curtain wall which has combined aluminum mullion components of Curtain wall and Unitized Glazing.
Curtain wall glazing in bangalore
CURTAIN WALL GLAZING IN BANGALORE Glass Cladding comes in a variety of intricate designs, widely used in architectural features to enhance elegant appearance. Whether for interior or exterior works of the building, our decorative glass claddings are offered with attractive aesthetical designs. Glass Claddings are easily maintainable and comes in various forms of designs, paintings, and other forms of decorations that match your requirements. Glass Claddings cost-effective and has great flexibility in terms of performances, appearance, and composition options that suite modern architectural designs. It is widely used in Commercial Buildings, Restaurants, Kitchens, and Bathrooms.
STRUCTURAL GLAZING IN BANGALORE Structural Glazing is a type of curtain wall systems consisting of bonding glass to an aluminum window frame utilizing a high strength, high performance silicon sealant. It uses adhesive qualities of silicon sealants to retain the glass in the frame by adhesion without any mechanical retention such as nuts, bolts, beads, or clips fixings. The structural Glazing with sealants allows perfectly uniform large glazed surfaces, not interrupted by traditional frames that enhance new modern architectural style of building. Instead of being fitted in a frame, the glass is fixed to a support, which is attached to a structural element of the building, obtaining a tightness of the whole system with a silicone seal.